Maeen: Government will provide foreign currency to all traders alike

Maeen: Government will provide foreign currency to all traders alike

Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik said Thursday that the government will provide the foreign currency for all traders alike, in order to import foodstuffs, and that the central Bank of Yemen's mechanism to benefit from the Saudi deposit is easy and convenient.

This came during a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hadramawt province, to discuss economic conditions, ways to provide hard currency for merchants, and high commodity prices, according to the government news agency «Saba».

The head of government called on traders to abide by the regulatory mechanisms set up by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in determining commodity prices, to work on the flow of commodities to the market, and not to import goods identified by the Economic committee in order to ensure the viability of the currency.

"We are in an exceptional situation, we want to survive all of us, so everyone has to show the values of social responsibility, and if the society recovers, everyone will recover, if the trader today earns 50% in the commodity, after 6 months he will lose the commodity and the market because of the collapse of the economy, but if today earn 20% or a Say, the economy will improve and the market will stay, and the trader will earn 50% over the days because people's conditions allow, and the economy will return to the best. "

"We hope that the rest of the merchants will emulate you, the economic situation is of interest to all, and we want to strengthen the strength of the economy, and this is our mission, which was confirmed by His Excellency President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi," said the Prime minister.


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