Government forces 5 km from Hodeidah port and battles continue (details)

Government forces 5 km from Hodeidah port and battles continue (details)

Al-Masdar online correspondent reported that the Sham Road, the only northern port of Hodeidah, was reopened to passengers on Wednesday after Houthi militants closed it for hours earlier.

He said the Houthis allow the passage of passengers, but they are prevented from leaving any food items from the city.

Fierce battles between the Houthis and government forces backed by Saudi Arabian coalition fighters at the 50th Street east of the city, around Hodeidah University, south of the city, as well as battles in the direction of the strategic kilo 16 triangle

He said the Houthis stormed the May 22 hospital and the doctors ' residences, high above the roofs, while panic and terror among patients, doctors, and nurses, including foreigners, from Indian, Pakistani, Egyptian and Bangladeshi nationalities.

Doctors and patients fear that the Houthis would use them as human shields, and called on international organizations to intervene quickly to remove militants and protect civilians inside the hospital, as a number of patients lay in lie down and intensive care departments.

The Houthis also stormed a large number of houses on July 7, overlooking the 50th Street, high above their roofs and firing from inside.

Since the start of the fighting, the government forces, backed by fighters and forces of the Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia, have advanced on the 50th Street through the green belt to the rear of the College of Engineering east of the 50th Street on the dirt road.

According to Al-Masdar online, government forces are positioned opposite al-Saleh city, approximately 5 km from al-Sham outlet, and the gate of the port of Hodeidah, while fighting continues to prevent government forces from progressing, and engineering teams are working to remove the heavily cultivated minefields to facilitate the progress of the joint forces.

In the direction of Kilo 16, the joint forces progressed from Kilo 10 towards the Arc de Triomphe to Kilo 14 after fierce battles during which the fiercest fell dozens of sides.

The axis of the university's surroundings is that the battles continue unabated and the Houthis try to achieve progress through substantial and continuous reinforcements in order to return the joint forces to the village of view and repel any progress in it and relieve the pressure on the battles of Kilo 10 and east of 50.

The joint forces were able to move forward until they reached the perimeter of the university's western gate and then retreated after hours to the airport roundabout south of the university.

According to our correspondent, as the area of continuous clashes expands, the population is suffering in the areas bordering the 50th, July 7, and the Al-Rabsa and many families are trapped in their homes because of the fighting.

The volatilization of bullets and fragments and the dropping of shells resulted in the death of civilians and the wounding of others, while much of the panic was compounded by the stationing of al-Houthi artillery and snipers in civilian neighborhoods, buildings, medical and industrial facilities.


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