Relapse fighting between the forces of the 22 Mika Brigade and the Abu Abbas brigades in Ta'izz

Relapse fighting between the forces of the 22 Mika Brigade and the Abu Abbas brigades in Ta'izz

Clashes between the forces of the 22-Mika Government Brigade and the Abu Abbas brigades on Thursday were renewed in the southern and eastern neighborhoods of Ta'izz, southwest Yemen, a military source said.

According to the source of Almasdar online, the shelling and cross-sniping were renewed between the forces of the 22 Mika Brigade stationed at Jabal Sabr and the Brothers Hotel, the battalions stationed at the Cairo Citadel, the Al-Jhamliah area, and Bab Musa.

According to the source, the confrontations escalated between the two sides in the past hours, a day after similar confrontations, in which one element of the battalions were killed and two others injured in addition to civilians.

The fighting resumed on Monday after the two sides opened fire, while the governor's advisor was seeking to stabilize a truce and an agreement for the parties to withdraw from the positions they had stationed in the past hours, the source said.

He said that Mohammad al-Shairi, the governor's advisor, survived the clashes, burned his military vehicle and injured a number of civilians as a result of the increased firing by both sides.

The clashes came a day after the Governor and the head of security committee, Amin Mahmud, had directed the security campaign quickly to activate the armed forces in the east of the city to arrest who were implicated in the murders.

But the battalion forces refused to withdraw from the sites, and on Wednesday, Adel Izzi, the field commander of the battalions, conducted an inspection tour of his fighters at the sites and buildings where the security campaign was seeking to advance.

Adel Al Dhubhani also known as "Abu Abbas", the commander of the brigades, called the governor of Ta'izz, for the rapid intervention to stop the tampering with civilian lives and to remove the Republican hospital from armed actions after military police detained the wounded from his battalions.


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