"Al-Houthi" calls those "targeted" by assassinations in Aden to move to Sana'a. and activist’s mocks

"Al-Houthi" calls those "targeted" by assassinations in Aden to move to Sana'a. and activist’s mocks

The so-called "chairman of the Revolutionary Committee", Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, called who were targeted by the assassinations in the southern city of Aden, to move to Sanaa to protect them, but his invitation was met with cynical answers, and he was given a note of what he had been exposed to and subjected to.

The Houthi said in a tweet on Twitter: "I extend my invitation to the leaders of the reform “Isalh” leadership, the Salafi, the officers in Aden or others who have been included in the assassination lists, or who may be covered by the intelligence of aggression and their elements to come to Sana'a."

He added: they are under the protection of the Army and the committees, even if they are those who joined the aggression.

This invitation was met with cynicism and insults, and the comments of the commentators were cited to the people of the al-Houthi militia, who had been torturing Islahis, Salafists and different persons.

Commentators have published photographs of people who were tortured to death in al-Houthi prisons and called for thousands of prisoners to be released, among them the leaders Mohammad Kahtan, Subaihi and Faisal Rajab.

The replies accused al-Houthi, of lying, calling for the release of thousands of prisoners and the cessation of torture to death, commenting: They are coming back to sleep in the pavement after you blew up their homes and kidnapped their children, and another added: you and the explosive belts in Aden are two sides of the same coin.


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