Arab Coalition aircrafts pound Houthis’ sites in Taiz – source

Arab Coalition aircrafts pound Houthis’ sites in Taiz – source

The aircrafts of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched several air raids on gatherings and sites of the Houthis-Saleh militants in western Khalid military camp, Mozza district crossroads, and in Maqbana outskirts western Taiz province, southwestern Yemen.


A military source told Almasdaronline that the coalition aircrafts launched six air raids on the militants' sites in al Ghuraphi area between Mozza and al Waziya districts, which resulted in the killing of nine militants and injury of four others, as well as the destruction of two military vehicles.


“'The aircrafts also launched four air raids on gatherings of the militants eastern Khalid camp in Mozza, killing seven militants and wounding nine others, including field leaders.


''On Friday afternoon, the aircrafts launched three air raids on the rebels’ sites in al Kasarah of al Burj area eastern Maqbana district, killing a number of elements and destroying a military vehicle and a Katyusha rockets launcher.


Meanwhile, the pro-government forces and Houthis-Saleh militants exchanged heavy arterially shelling eastern Mozza, and fought intensive clashes near Khalid military camp.


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