Within 24 hrs, two security members assassinated in Taiz

Within 24 hrs, two security members assassinated in Taiz

Unknown gunmen riding a motorcycle assassinated Thursday evening a policeman when he was driving a minivan in Bab Mosa area in Taiz city, in southwestern Yemen.


A security source told Almasdaronline that masked gunmen opened fire at security member Ahmed Ghaleb and killed him on the spot, adding that an investigation by police is underway to identify and capture the culprits.


This assassination of Ghaleb was the second in Taiz city within 24 hours. Earlier, gunmen shot dead Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Aghbari, a security member from Al Shammasi Police Station, when he was at the entrance of Souk Assameel, to the east of the city.


Assassinations of security members in Taiz have lately been rife, in spite of the strict measures and arrangements the Provincial Security Committee has made to to limit such killings.


Security sources, however, accuse gunmen, belonging to pro-Houthi/Saleh forces, of staging assassinations against both military and security members, pointing out that the Houthis and their allies are trying to instigate chaos by increasing such incidents, as a response to the victories of the pro-government forces in the western coast.

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