Coalition airstrike kill Houthi leader eastern Sana'a

Coalition airstrike kill Houthi leader eastern Sana'a

A Houthi field leader and a number of security guards were killed on Thursday after being targeted by an airstrike launched by the fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in Nihm district eastern the capital Sana'a.


The popular resistance spokesperson in Sana'a governorate, Abdullah al Shandaqi, confirmed the death of Khaled al Madani, a prominent Houthi leader, by an airstrike targeted his motorcade in Ramada dam area in Nihm district.


Al Shandaqi said that the air raids launched by the coalition fighters on the rebels gatherings and sites had played a great role in paving the way for the government and pro-government forces to advance in Nihm front.


He added that the government forces have liberated several hills northern and western Halaban mountain, which was librated earlier this week.


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