Taiz: government forces advance, Houthi rebels and a nurse killed

Taiz: government forces advance, Houthi rebels and a nurse killed

A field source in Taiz city, southwest Yemen, said on Saturday that the government and pro-government forces have made great progress in the eastern front, and are at the doors of the al Tashrifat military camp.

The source added to Almasdaronline that the government forces artillery is also shelling the Houthi and allied forces in al Tashrifat camp and the Republican Palace.

The pro-government forces have also declared that two militants were killed and 4 others injured on Saturday, eastern Taiz.

A statement issued by the pro-government forces media center said that eight of its members and government troops were wounded in the same battles.

On the other side, the Houthi militants are going on launching missile and artillery shelling on residential neighborhoods which led to the death of the nurse Fahmiah Mahmoud Mohammed and the injury of two family members when a shell hit their house.

Other four civilians were also injured by similar shelling on different parts of the city. Meanwhile, the fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition have launched two airstrikes on the Houthi and allied forces sites in al Omari military camp in Thobab area, west of Taiz city.

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