6Houthis killed in confrontations in Mareb

6Houthis killed in confrontations in Mareb

Six militants of the Houthi and Saleh forces were killed in confrontations with the government and pro-government forces broke out in Serewah district of Mareb 

governorate,eastern the capital Sana'a. 


Saba Press Centre, concerned with Saba Region news, reported that the clashes broke out in Noa valley of Serwah district following the Houthis' attempt to advance towards the government forces sites.


The Centre quoted a military source as saying that the confrontations lasted for nearly an hour and that the 6 Houthi dead bodies were still lying in the area.  


The government forces artillery also shelled Houthi reinforcements that were coming to the area of confrontations killing some elements and injuring others, according to a field source.

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