An abductee died in Houthis prison under brutal torture in al Dali

وفاة أحد المختطفين في سجون الحوثيين جراء التعذيب الوحشي بمدينة دمت في الضالع صورة لظهر التويتي وقد تعرض للكي بالنار والضرب بالسياط

On Saturday, one of the kidnapers in the Houthis prison had died under severe torture in Damat city in al Dali province, which is still under the control of the group, a human rights source said


The source told Almasdaronline that a Houthi checkpoint hijacked Ali Muhammad al-Tweiti on November 19, when he was traveling to his hometown in al Radhma district in Ibb province.


Al-Tuwaiti had been subjected to severe torture by the Houthis, as they had used brutal means of torture with him, which led to his death only three days after the day of his abduction, the source added.


The group's gunmen took him to the dead refrigerator in Yarim district in secret.


Al Tuweiti family has been searching for him in all districts and governorates around Damat, since then, and on the first day of the new year, they found his body in Yarim hospital refrigerator, according to the source.


The source provided Almasdaronline by a number of pictures of al Tuweiti body.


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